Fabio Polenghi - Bangkok last pictures 2010

Photojournalist Fabio Polenghi was killed in Bangkok on May 19th 2010 as the Thai army made its final assault on "Red Shirt" anti-government protesters. Born in Italy in 1962, Fabio very early on chose the world as his home and photography as a means to tell the kaleidoscope of realities he saw: from fashion to reportage in forgotten places. This exhibition is a way to remember Fabio's last journey through his pictures, which express better than any words, his love for humanity and justice. It is compiled from some of the best images found in his computer and is accompanied by brief notes taken from his diaries -- documenting one of the most bloody and dramatic periods in Thailand's recent history in which he was both a witness and a victim. The viewer sees the events of the time through the lens of the photographer, with his energy, compassion and great professionalism, even in very difficult circumstances. The objective of this exhibition is the hope that tragedies like Fabio's death never happen again. We would like to take this occasion to remind you that on May 29, after 3 years of investigations, the Criminal Court at Charoenkrong will deliver its verdict on the circumstances of Fabio's death. Various evidence and witnesses suggest the army is likely to have shot him -- although the military has always denied the accusation. We cordially invite you to attend and to take the opportunity to at Fabio's last pictures in Bangkok.